How does the Google Classroom integration work?



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    MaryK Layes

    So now that it is linked to Google classroom. 

    Is there a way to have the students create their own quizzes and submit them through Classroom for evaluation and for peers to play the game? 



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    ANDREA GRAY (andrea.gray

    I believe we use to be able to assign quizizz by student in google classroom? I don' see that option anymore? I need to differentiate my instruction so I need to be able to assign specific quizizz to specific students.

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    Bobbi Benedict (BBenedict)


    I somehow accidentally disabled the ability for quizizz to post onto my google classroom, and I REALLY need this feature back. Can you please direct me on what to do to change this setting? I'm looking around on the google forums and a few people over there have the same issue. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Chris Thomas (cthomas

    This is really frustrating - I have admin access to Google Classroom at my college, and have set up a number of assignments - I am being told I can't do this.  Please could you help?

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    Brian Wise (cvwise)

    Hi, This information is very helpful, and I'm loving the Google Classroom integration.

    My question is this: When our teachers assign multiple Quizizz quizzes to students via Google Classroom, the students are required to log in with their Google credentials ***each time*** they join a new quiz, and they have to scroll down to click "Allow" on all of the permissions. Is there any way for the students to skip these steps once they have allowed permission once? Thank you.

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